Quick Update and… pictures!

since I left everyone in such a lurch when I quit updating this, here’s the basics on the house.  It was enclosed by Christmas 2008.  Work continued, and we officially moved in April 18th, 2009.  This place is great.  Very few problems (and most of them self-inflicted) and it’s warm and cosy and light and lovely.  yay!

Notice our extensive collection of swords. And the flag on the door. It's only neighborly to warn the public of what lurks within, right?

Today I went out and got some photos with the autumn colors to give you an idea of what our little corner of the universe currently looks like.  Be kind, I really will get the yard tidied before first snow.  I’m determined.  Soon, I’ll get some interior pictures up as well.  Baby steps, right?  AND!  I’ve got some more nifty stuff to share too!  hooray for sharing!


Menace Leader

The currently retired Menace Mobile with our collection of bicycles. 3 human (ish) denizens of the Phoenix Tree House, and all told about a dozen bicycles. Menace One takes them in like strays. In the background is the house being build for Doggerel Three by her human minion.


the new (to us) Menace Mobile. Pirate Menace calls it "Elmo" because it's a little red monster.


Doggerel Two. Chillin'. 'Cause that's what he does.

The Phoenix Tree - still alive and kickin' and wearing it's autumn finest.


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