The Phoenix Tree blog will be back…

what can I say?  life got in the way.  As it does.  I’ve decided to revive the Phoenix Tree Blog and contribute regularly.

However, because Life Happens, I have to do some tidying before I can get back in the swing.  We’re not so much “creating” the Phoenix Tree House anymore so much as tweaking and perfecting and living and laughing and dancing and all that Life stuff.  And so, I have to work on the blog itself to better reflect our current status.  I’ve not been on WordPress at all for a long, long time and I’ll have to re-teach myself how it all works.  So be patient!  But soon – Soon I Tell You! – we will have a new, snazzy look and lots of updates.

much love,

The Menaces

Cataclysm#2 has claimed the big window as his domain


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