Rock and Roll Mornings

I love my new haircut.  I fear commitment when it comes to hair so it took me a long time (we’re talking years) to allow myself to get the new ‘do.  No regrets.  It’s totally rockstar.

which leads to my only teensy little problem – when I first wake up in the morning, I find myself facing a redheaded Joan Jett in the mirror.   Really.  The just-woke-up, bedhead look with this particular haircut is vintage Jett. This effect is exacerbated when I’ve forgotten to wash off any make-up from the day before and I have the goopy, smeary, hungover look.  So I now seem to start every morning wanting to pick up a red stratocaster, crank the reverb, and wail.

Saw them lying there despite the alarm machine

both were just about ten and sixteen

quit acting like you’re dead

get your asses out of bed…


or mama will be seeing red

 ’cause the bus leaves in ten 

(yeah, ten!)

and it ain’t my fault that your school schedule sucks

(yeah it sucks!)


Don’t make me be out of bed for nothin’


So get a move on and suffer with ME!

And then the moment passes and I stumble to the kitchen and make coffee.  But one of these days, boys.  One of these days…

-Menace Leader


(ever notice you only spot the typos after you click “publish”?)


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