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Rock and Roll Mornings

Posted in Uncategorized on December 1, 2011 by phoenixtree

I love my new haircut.  I fear commitment when it comes to hair so it took me a long time (we’re talking years) to allow myself to get the new ‘do.  No regrets.  It’s totally rockstar.

which leads to my only teensy little problem – when I first wake up in the morning, I find myself facing a redheaded Joan Jett in the mirror.   Really.  The just-woke-up, bedhead look with this particular haircut is vintage Jett. This effect is exacerbated when I’ve forgotten to wash off any make-up from the day before and I have the goopy, smeary, hungover look.  So I now seem to start every morning wanting to pick up a red stratocaster, crank the reverb, and wail.

Saw them lying there despite the alarm machine

both were just about ten and sixteen

quit acting like you’re dead

get your asses out of bed…


or mama will be seeing red

 ’cause the bus leaves in ten 

(yeah, ten!)

and it ain’t my fault that your school schedule sucks

(yeah it sucks!)


Don’t make me be out of bed for nothin’


So get a move on and suffer with ME!

And then the moment passes and I stumble to the kitchen and make coffee.  But one of these days, boys.  One of these days…

-Menace Leader


(ever notice you only spot the typos after you click “publish”?)



Posted in Uncategorized on October 1, 2011 by phoenixtree

Sometimes I come across things that would be perfect for the Phoenix Tree House, if money were no object.  This.  This is fabulous.  Oh please, Santa…

"The roof is typically the best and biggest part of most homes for energy collection. But most of the available systems for gathering this energy are unsightly. That's not a concern for these roof tiles from a Swedish company, SolTech Energy, that are made from glass."

…notice it’s manufactured in SWEDEN… meaning they’ve considered snow accumulation.

I recommend generally.  Combine science nerdiness with general optimistic tree-huggin’ world changers.  Good stuff.

-Menace Leader

The Phoenix Tree blog will be back…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 24, 2011 by phoenixtree

what can I say?  life got in the way.  As it does.  I’ve decided to revive the Phoenix Tree Blog and contribute regularly.

However, because Life Happens, I have to do some tidying before I can get back in the swing.  We’re not so much “creating” the Phoenix Tree House anymore so much as tweaking and perfecting and living and laughing and dancing and all that Life stuff.  And so, I have to work on the blog itself to better reflect our current status.  I’ve not been on WordPress at all for a long, long time and I’ll have to re-teach myself how it all works.  So be patient!  But soon – Soon I Tell You! – we will have a new, snazzy look and lots of updates.

much love,

The Menaces

Cataclysm#2 has claimed the big window as his domain

Quick Update and… pictures!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 24, 2011 by phoenixtree

since I left everyone in such a lurch when I quit updating this, here’s the basics on the house.  It was enclosed by Christmas 2008.  Work continued, and we officially moved in April 18th, 2009.  This place is great.  Very few problems (and most of them self-inflicted) and it’s warm and cosy and light and lovely.  yay!

Notice our extensive collection of swords. And the flag on the door. It's only neighborly to warn the public of what lurks within, right?

Today I went out and got some photos with the autumn colors to give you an idea of what our little corner of the universe currently looks like.  Be kind, I really will get the yard tidied before first snow.  I’m determined.  Soon, I’ll get some interior pictures up as well.  Baby steps, right?  AND!  I’ve got some more nifty stuff to share too!  hooray for sharing!


Menace Leader

The currently retired Menace Mobile with our collection of bicycles. 3 human (ish) denizens of the Phoenix Tree House, and all told about a dozen bicycles. Menace One takes them in like strays. In the background is the house being build for Doggerel Three by her human minion.


the new (to us) Menace Mobile. Pirate Menace calls it "Elmo" because it's a little red monster.


Doggerel Two. Chillin'. 'Cause that's what he does.

The Phoenix Tree - still alive and kickin' and wearing it's autumn finest.


Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2009 by phoenixtree

sorry to all for not updating this recently.  it’s been beyond busy!  more news and pictures coming very soon.  the basic status: the house is enclosed and warm, and the sheetrocking is near complete.  then, it’s on to finalizing the electric and plumbing and doing the flooring and finish work.  YAY!

more soon!


Menace Leader

pictures! (one more time, with feeling!)

Posted in Uncategorized on November 29, 2008 by phoenixtree


Future glass doors leading to future deck accessing future garden!

Future glass doors leading to future deck accessing future garden!



considering the speed at which the gang are getting this place up, these pictures (taken less than 24 hours ago) are probably already out of date.  I’ll update more as I can!



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Every so often, someone else says it all for you in their writing.  our very own EY – the brains behind the Phoenix Tree House (and the reason I still have some small grasp on sanity) is also a phenomenal writer.  He told me this essay was initially a response to a relative asking why he lives here.  so to allmy friends and family who want to know why I live here, and what i’m thankful for (this year of all years!) just ask EY.  (by following the link)


Happy Thanksgiving from the Menaces!