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Update! And 3rd investor wanted…

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The following is a heavily edited version of my most recent update email:


Dear family and friends,

It’s time for an update on the house!

Thanks to your very generous donations, we’ve raised just about $10,000 in the building fund account.  Amazing!  Your generosity is humbling.

So far: aside from the donations, we have two “investors” who are also the signers on the fundraising account.  Each has funded a large amount of the process – from the land, to the dirt-work, and now to the house itself!  Both parties are doing this as a loan to me – with very generous terms. They are making it possible for me to do this.  I’m so humbled.

The house!  It’s a SIP house – Structural Integrated Panels.  These are a nifty new (to me) panels that are built of rigid insulation covered by vapor barrier and plywood skins.  The manufacturers make the floor, roof, and walls.  They install doors and windows, and create little holes within the insulated panel for wiring and plumbing.

The greatest thing about these is that the final houses have excellent energy efficiency – this one is expected to have R28.  With a 700+ square foot size and a fairly small wood stove, only a few cords of wood a year will do me.  It’s wonderful.

Now, the house will arrive with: subfloor, floor panel, 4 wall panels with windows and doors pre-installed, and two roof panels for the top.  It includes siding and roofing. It will also have the materials for the two lofts – each boy is going to have his own tiny aerie.

But that’s it – we will be installing all interior walls, all the kitchen everything, the heating, all cabinets and such, and all electrical and plumbing.  That’s where the donations fund will save the day!

We have a good number of skilled and semi-skilled volunteers to work on the interior wall framing and such, and hopefully wiring and plumbing as well.

Things are moving quickly!

The two investors are looking for a third partner for the loan.  They need someone who can fund the water and electrical infrastructure.  I assume this means the well drilling and septic system perhaps as well as such important bits as a toilet!

Anyone wanting to know more can contact me and I’ll give you their contact information.  I have no idea what exactly this will all entail, but they have it figured out.  Again, this money would be a loan, not a donation.

Thank you all for all of your help, it means the world to us.  I’m beginning to see a light at the end of this very long, dark tunnel.