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We Have Indoor Plumbing! Still Awaiting the Indoor…

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The Nerve Center of our High-Tech Command Center

The Nerve Center of our High-Tech Command Center

Apologies to all for the long delay between this post and the last.  I don’t have internet living in The Swamp, of course – but I do have access elsewhere.  I just don’t often have the time to compose something lucid.

Well, lucidity is overrated, I say!  and I owe you all some news.


As of this coming Tuesday, it will be four weeks since we moved into The Swamp, and the only fatalities are an army of voles and shrews.  (the cats have declared a jihad on rodents, I believe.  For those of you who consider the lovely Tamiasciurus hudsonicus to be public enemy #1 – I’m afraid my little Weapons of Mouse Destruction don’t agree.  Sorry.)

in the last weeks we have made some great scientific discoveries.  One of which has to do with how heavy rains and cold weather can cause mildew to grow on everything, including your attitude.  


We have tried a number of different lighting arrangements, and find the rechargable LED coleman lantern to be the favorite for full-Swamp light, while plain old candles and hurricane lanterns are best for reading.  For the first week, we had only our wind-up flashlights for night reading, which led to interesting evenings.

Silence and darkness, with three small pools of bluish LED light.  Suddenly, the silence is broken by the rhythmic Whrr-whrr-WHRR! of one winding as fast as possible so as not to go cross-eyed during good battle scenes…

lanterns and candles are much better.

We have a septic system!  it’s big and beautiful and remains unsullied.  the construction was loud and caused the Cataclysms to become scarce for a day, as the Menaces geeked out over cool machinery.  Manace Two ached to drive the excavator, saying it was his Robotech Mechanoid and he had to pilot it!

They cleared a lot of ground that I understand I am not  to turn into a garden despite the great fertilizer potential, so I’m now planning how best to use the space.  I think I have it figured out, but I won’t discuss it here until I check with those-who-know-about-such-things.

We also have electricity!  Well, almost.  it’s so close… the power pole is in at the corner of the property, and the temporary meter is there.  all we appear to be lacking is juice.  Grumble.  But it’s not far off, and I am so excited about REFRIGERATION!  W00t!  

Current status – the SIP panels are even now on the factory floor, becoming the Phoenix Tree House down there in Civilization somewhere.  The well almost happened, but the equipment died on the way here, but I’m sure it will come soon.  I haven’t ordered the phone line yet, because I haven’t paid off my old phone bill yet.  soon!

Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend check, come on down!

We have had a donation of a lovely Earth Stove, I’m very excited about it!  it’s the perfect stove, in perfect condition, the perfect size, and of course the perfect price.  Otherwise, I’m still in hold-mode for the other inside-the-home stuff, partly because I really feel like I can’t make big decisions on purchases of new stuff before I am in the place and getting a feel for it.

There’s no rush there.


Menace One leaves the Swamp for parts Southeastward in two days – then there will just be Menace Two, the two Loyal Doggerels, and the 3 Cataclysms.  One of the many adventures Menace One will be making includes an apprenticeship as a bike mechanic.  I’m excited!  For him, of course.  (but also for my bike)

our next update will be soon, I promise.  I’m already planning the introduction of one of the Cataclysms in his very own debut blog post.

love and stuff (and here’s to dry weather!)

Menace Leader