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Slicing into the forest…

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The future driveway off Gardeners Lane

Yes, it’s a sign of my innate dorky-tree-huggerness, but when H. and I walked through marking trees where the driveway and house site would be, I felt like apologizing.

I admit it.

And yes, I did apologize.


Soon afterwards the Man with the Big Machines arrived, and the doomed trees were quickly stacked up nice and neat, ready to become firewood.  (I’ll thank them again when they’re keeping us cozy warm this winter) and the duff layer was removed along what will be the driveway and house site.

it’s very exciting.  feels very real.

The dogs were recently able to explore their new fiefdom. Determine the perimeter.   Plan patrols.  That sort of thing.

Riyan and Duke making grand plans for the future.

At the house site, facing southward.  Dominic (and friend) are expressing their feelings about his future bedroom location...

He appears to approve.